Workshop Session B4:

Mediating Extraordinary Families: Special Needs, LGBTQIAA and Extended Families 

(CME: Cultural Diversity )


Natalie Baird  
Attorney and Mediator, Natalie Baird Mediations 

Natalie Baird has litigated hundreds of Family Law matters during her career, from simple divorces involving child support, equitable distribution and timesharing to highly contested divorces. Natalie understands the needs and concerns of the parties and prides herself on an impartial view with the goal of mitigating the need for lengthy litigation. Well-versed in Family Law, Natalie understands that in most cases, with complicated circumstances and lots of emotions at play, there truly are no winners, only the best solutions for difficult transitions. In addition to her law practice, Natalie is actively involved in the Tampa Bay community. Together with Cory Baird, they also founded a non-profit program called Are You Safe, Inc. along with two other attorneys.

Sarah Kay   
Attorney, Mediator, and Guardian ad Litem,
Natalie Baird Mediations  

Sarah is a trial-tested litigator Board Certified in Marital and Family Law by The Florida Bar who also is experienced in collaborative divorce. She is a Certified Family Law Mediator by The Florida Supreme Court and serves as a Guardian ad Litem. Sarah is passionate about supporting her community by helping families resolve, reduce and perhaps even prevent family conflicts in positive, effective, efficient, and dignified ways. Because Sarah is experienced in both private dispute resolution and litigation, her family law and special needs law clients can choose from options that are the most beneficial to their cases.


She is also mother to three children, two of whom have unique needs and gifts. For Sarah, It's all about family. She offers a professional commitment to understand and embrace each family's exceptional qualities. Sarah proudly serves the greater Tampa Bay area through Natalie Baird Mediations PA and her own law firm Kay Family Law PLLC in Tampa, Florida.