Workshop Session B1:

Personal vs. Professional Mediation Ethics  

(CME: Mediator Ethics )


Chester Wilson     

Executive Director/Mediator, 

CW Consulting Firm 

Dr. Wilson's professional pursuits includes currently serving as the Executive Director of the CW Consulting Firm. Dr. Wilson has 20 year of experience in behavioral healthcare at all levels of service. He has 11.5 years in higher education as a college professor, and six years as a business consultant.

Dr. Wilson's educational achievements include having earned a Doctor of Education degree and a Masters in Business Administration degree. Dr. Wilson possesses a plethora of professional certifications, which includes being certified in Addictions, Mental Health, HIV, Moral Reconation, CPR and First Aid Instructor Trainer, Quality Assurance Reviewer, Healthcare Risk Management, and Circuit Civil and Family Mediation.