Workshop Session D5:

Changing Schools in Florida through the TP2K Movement

(CME: Cultural Diversity)


Isis Clemente  

President & Author of TP2K

Orientation and Mediation Services

Dr. Clemente has been in the area of education for over 30 years. Having had the pleasure of teaching grades from elementary through college in the U.S. as well as in Spain & Brazil. Upon completion of her J.D. degree, she taught Business Law at Miami Dade College as well as Languages. Upon retirement, she founded Orientation and Mediation Services through which she has served the community as a mediator, arbitrator and trainer. Early in her career, she authored textbooks in the area of English as a Second Language. Armed with the conviction the Conflict Resolution Techniques help solve problems, and driven by a heavy heart due to the lost of life in the Parkland shootings, she was driven to go back to the pen, an author a series called Teach Peace to Kids: Finding Ways to Deal with Conflict.