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Kelly McGrath
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Kelly McGrath is a Peacebuilding mediator and lawyer whose firm focuses on powerfully, peacefully resolving legal issues out of court. Kelly's firm prepares people for, and guides them through, the most challenging conversations of their lives. Kelly founded her community's Conflict Resolution Team over a decade ago after a neighborhood dispute tore the community apart, and her and the team has mediated over 40 neighborhood disputes so far- helping neighbors avoid court and build connection. She founded the Florida Restorative Justice Association, a statewide nonprofit organization in 2013, and facilitates serious harm cases such as rape, battery, and manslaughter where the person harmed wanted to speak directly to the person who admitted causing the harm. She mediates divorce, family law, elder care issues, and is also a collaboratively trained lawyer. Kelly has a professional certificate in Trauma and Resilience and uses a specific one-on-one pre-conferences during her mediations to her and the parties get the most out of the mediation.
Speaking At
Workshop Session C5: Pre-Conference Powerfully, Peacefully, Prepare Parties
Kelly McGrath