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Patrick Russell
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Patrick Russell is a full-time mediator with the Miami office of Salmon & Dulberg Dispute Resolution. Patrick has been certified as a Florida Supreme Court Civil Circuit Mediator since 2009 and is currently the Chair-Elect for the ADR Section of The Florida Bar. Patrick's mediation strategies rest on a powerful foundation of tactical thinking, ethics, and diplomacy that are governed by his prior service as an ethics trial lawyer for The Florida Bar. In addition to his ethics work, Patrick has close to three decades of legal experience as a statewide litigator prosecuting and defending civil claims in the private sector for both small and large law firms. He uses an integrated approach to problem-solving by fostering an environment that promotes meaningful and peaceful discussions between the parties. His mediation goal is to unleash peace to have less conflict and more resolution. He promotes cooperation and coalition-building to enhance resolution opportunities. When parties mindfully listen, speak and act during mediation, they can better understand one another, trust one another, and are in a better position to resolve their differences.
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Workshop Session B5: Mindfulness Mediation Techniques
Patrick Russell